What is the High Performance Programme

  • Block I — Intensive Training.
    With a special focus on the effective learning of the use of technique and tactics in order to understand the meaning of the game, under the direction of a professional technical staff.
  • Block II — Performance awareness.
    Daily dynamics proposed by the academy's management to raise individual awareness and responsibility with respect to each person's sporting career and personal life, based on the principles and values of the academy.
  • Block III — Performance preparation.
    Daily lectures given by professionals from each speciality involved in performance: game analysis; individual physical preparation; nutrition; sports psychology; etc..
  • Block IV — Collective game and life.
    A fourth daily session of intercultural activities, leisure-tourism, or games and teamwork dynamics, to complete the days and complete the integral preparation.

What it includes

Full Infrastructure and Logistics

  • Full board accommodation from 27 June to 9 July 2022.
  • All PRO logistics (Cameras, FutbolTek technology, individual video recording, etc.).
  • The human team and professional staff.
  • Use of facilities and sports equipment.
  • Medical insurance.
  • All travel during the programme (travel from each home not included).
  • Participation in the Donosti Cup.
  • Training and walking clothes kit as a gift (trainers and boots not included).
  • Diploma of participation.
  • Pendrive with images and videos of each participant.
  • A report with the strengths and weaknesses of each participant accompanied by a plan to further develop the process of individual improvement.
  • A report with the strengths and weaknesses of each participant accompanied by a plan to further develop the process of individual improvement.

What does it guarantee?

Preparing for the transition to professionalism

  • Entrenofutbol Academy guarantees that all participants will leave the campus much better prepared than they came in, with a view to being able to take the step into professional football (but does not guarantee the opportunity itself), what it guarantees is high performance training so that participants are as well prepared as possible for when that opportunity presents itself.
  • However, the academy will invite to the campus different collaborating clubs of the programme to closely follow the evolution of the participants, being totally in the hands of each club and each participant to give and accept any opportunity, of which Entrenofutbol Academy will remain totally outside.
  • These coaches from the collaborating clubs will also give talks and individual advice to the participants.
  • The academy will give each participant a diploma of participation, a Pen-Drive with all the photos and videos of each participant and a personal report with the strengths and weaknesses to continue working.
  • Entrenofutbol Academy will be able to advise the participants who so wish about their future, but only in technical terms, in reference to the suitability of the category, the field or the type of coach most suitable for them according to their individual qualities, to help them to focus their steps towards professional football.


All the participants who wish to take part in the campus must authorise Entrenofutbol Academy to use their personal data for the strict exercise of its activity, always with the maximum privacy and within the legal context in force at each moment. For this purpose, all the forms will require this authorisation under these conditions. .


Entrenofutbol Academy will not enter at any moment into this area which corresponds exclusively to the players and/or their clubs. Whether the participants are under contract and/or agreements in force or not, the academy is limited to training the participants on campus from the moment they arrive until the moment they finish their participation, without having or wanting to have any relation to the sporting rights of the participants.


All the participants will consent to a temporary assignment of their image rights in favour of Entrenofutbol Academy, which will be limited to the duration of the campus and will only prevail sine die for the audiovisual contents that could be generated during their participation.


All participants must present the COVID-19 Digital Certificate and prove that they are vaccinated.