San Sebastián, 3 June - 9 July

At the end of the 6-day Campus, where participants acquire the foundations to start their own development processes, in order to become the best professionals they can be, the Programme moves to San Sebastian to take part in one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe, the Donosti Cup.

In this second phase (also 6 days), in addition to continuing the training process with the advice and guidance of the technical staff, the participants can put into practice and develop everything they have learnt by applying them in a real competitive context offered by the tournament, in order to use the competition as an evaluation, being the ideal means of raising awareness and progress, thus growing in the evolutionary process.

Logically, as a secondary objective of this second phase, the Donosti Cup serves as the ideal showcase for participants looking to get an opportunity with a professional club. This includes not only clubs who are taking part in the tournament itself, but also those who join our Programme, expressly invited by the Entrenofutbol Academy to attend scouting sessions in order to watch the participants’.

Moreover, in this second stage, the participants will swap the mountains for the beach and will also be able to enjoy all the charms and opportunities for leisure and tourism that San Sebastian offers, with the young, multicultural atmosphere that characterises the Donosti Cup itself.

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    in the tournament

    With the aim of continuing the participants’ training, but now under real match conditions to carry on correcting and growing from what has been learnt at the Campus, we will play a minimum of four matches in one of the best tournaments in Europe.

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    and collective analyses

    The Entrenofutbol staff will give personalised attention to each participant, to help them be aware of, and take responsibility for their particular situation, guiding them towards the processes for improvement that they need, according to their strengths and weaknesses.

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    As well as the experience of living and working together at the Campus, where the participants will come from a variety of backgrounds, the Donosti Cup gives us the opportunity to mix with others from many different countries and cultures, with a view to forming relationships and sharing experiences.

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    Leisure and tourism

    And of course, as this will be San Sebastián in the summertime, there will be no shortage of leisure and tourist activities, enjoying all that one of the most beautiful cities in Europe has to offer.