Lekunberri, 27 June - 3 July

ENTRENOFUTBOL TALENT CAMP is a comprehensive training programme from which all participants leave much better prepared to take the step into professional football..

The first phase consists of a 6-day training camp in Lekunberri, at the foot of the Aralar Mountains, where a professional technical team conducts an intensive series of training sessions for the participants, focusing on both understanding and execution of the game, with the aim of optimising the players' performance and efficiency.

In addition, in a second daily session, a team of teachers of the highest level prepares participants in each of the areas involved in the life of a professional player, such as individual physical preparation, prevention, nutrition, concentration, self-leadership or the principles and values that should govern both the activity and the life of a good professional, providing participants with all the tools to grow in all aspects necessary to develop their careers.

And, as if this were not enough, we will take make the most of the incomparable natural surroundings of Lekunberri, complementing each day with a socio-cultural, sporting or tourist activity in the form of group games, hiking, cycling or horse-riding, where social skills and teamwork are developed, as well as enjoying nature and encouraging a spirit of fun..

  • 1


    Paying special attention to effective learning of the use of technique and tactics in order to understand the sense of the game, under the direction of professional technical staff.

  • 2

    for performance

    Daily dynamics awareness and individual responsibility in terms of the professional and personal life of each player, based on the principles and values of the Academy.

  • 3

    for performance

    Daily talks given by professionals in each speciality affecting performance: analysis of the game; individual physical preparation; nutrition; sports psychology.

  • 4

    Playing and living
    together as a group

    A fourth daily session of inter-cultural activities, leisure/tourism, or games and group-work dynamics, to round off the day and promote integrated preparation.