Enrolment for the trials

To be selected to attend the campus, your first option is to register for one of the we will be holding in.

You should register by filling in and sending us the following form, in which you will have to choose in which of the points and dates you wish to take the entrance examination. To complete your registration, we will send you the bank details where you must make a transfer of £50 and your registration will be completed.

In the event of overbooking, priority will be given to candidates who can show that they have competed in higher divisions higher divisions.

What the trials involve

The race will consist of a 2-hour technical training session, after which the technical staff will make a pre-selection of the 20 best candidates. The price includes the two-hour race, all the human and logistical service needed to carry out the race, insurance and a free T-shirt.

The 20 pre-selected will be invited to a second training that will take place that same day in the afternoon, after which the technical staff will decide who they consider fit to be able to enroll in the Entrenofutbol Talent Camp.

Entrance Examination Form

 (*) All fields are required except those marked as [optional].